Laying the foundation for telehealth service standardization from inception to deployment with measurable outcomes

Hospital with Telehealth
Ignis Health provides the framework for quality telehealth programs by enabling healthcare-specific project management and analytics solutions.

Through streamlined and standardized workflows, Ignis Health enables quick and efficient service creation and completion to achieve project milestones when setting up telehealth programs. Our analytics solution measures the efficacy and ROI of existing telehealth programs by overlaying clinical intelligence on top of telehealth metrics.


Only project management framework for setting up telehealth services
Roadmap for scoping, designing and making services operational
Operational CRM to ensure service engagement across all sites


Business intelligence tool that augments telehealth metrics with clinical workflow intelligence
Inventory management solution of all key assets and equipment to ensure operational efficiency

Ready to standardize and measure your telehealth program for optimal results?

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