Telehealth Service Implementation


Growing telehealth programs must effectively manage incoming requests. Customizable intake form captures all the information needed to get started.

Manage the incoming requests and collect more detailed information. Assign project lead and approve/ disapprove the request.

Meet with the requester to complete a more detailed intake form. Score and project timeline. Define service scope: condition(s), location of the patient, types of providers, and the problem being solved.

Draft clinical protocols, track contracts, manage credentialing, and assess techology readiness. Identify the clinical, technological, administrative, and target outcome metrics.

Monitor service(s) for a seamless GO-LIVE. Maintain clear line of site from training and mock calls through to an operational service.

Efficiently incorporate process improvement by continously tracking the patient and provider experience. Ensure sustainability of your program by evaluating alignment between strategy and operations.

How does it work - Watch the Video