Ignis Health provides the framework for quality telehealth programs by enabling healthcare-specific project management and analytics solutions.

Streamlined and Standardized Workflows

Ignis Health enables quick and efficient service creation and completion to achieve project milestones when setting up telehealth programs. Our analytics solution measures the efficacy and ROI of existing telehealth programs by overlaying clinical intelligence on top of telehealth metrics.

Centralized service request creation
Roadmap to standardize the process for effective go-live
Operational CRM to ensure engagement across all services + sites
Actionable insights into telehealth management

A few of our clients

“The beauty of TSIM by Ignis Health is that it takes scoping out that service, designing it and transitioning it into an operational service. It really allows that entire process to be efficient and effective.”

Emily Lead Telehealth Service Coordinator, Center of Telehealth at Medical University of South Carolina

The University of Virginia Center for Telehealth recognizes that success in our industry requires real-time performance, clinical outcome and financial data. To that end, we have partnered with Ignis Health to integrate their performance engine. The result is a remarkable capacity to analyze and apply evidence-based data to our clinical operations, our finances and to our strategic planning. This unique platform has proven to be an indispensable tool in providing cost-effective and data-driven telehealth services.

David Catell Gordon Director of Operations, UVA Center for Telehealth

“The way we tried to manage all of this prior to Ignis Health was through the use of different project management software tools and different knowledge sharing resources that our institution had invested in…By organizing and implementing TSIM, we now have a structured framework that has transparency around the different steps that need to be undertaken…We have everything categorized by these major obstacles that have to be addressed to develop a telehealth service.”

Dr. Dee Ford COE Project Director, Center of Telehealth at Medical University of South Carolina

“Over the last five years, MUSC has quadrupled our telehealth interactions and a major catalyst has been the TSIM framework by Ignis Health.”

Shawn Valenta Administrator, Center of Telehealth at Medical University of South Carolina

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